Following a suspected TIA a lady called Liz lost around 15 years of her memory. During her slow revcovery of her lost memories she was horrified at the amount of litter dropped now, compared to 2003 (cut off date for her memories)

From the streets in the towns and villages, to the road side verges to the inland waterways, everywhere she looked there was rubbish dropped, fly tipped and more.


As the days have gone by and she relearnt about the world as it now is  she discovered the selfie and self promotion culture as well as facebook and twitter.  With these revelations of 21st century life she came up with a plan to harvest something positive from such. If everyone picked up one piece of litter, then #findabin #putitin and posts a selfie of themselves doing it #foundabin on social media that would be a good 60 million pieces of rubbish in the right place.

Of course we would like to see more than one selfie from each person as well as pictures and stories of ways they and their communities, friends, workplaces, schools and more find ways of reusing items from tea bags for bags under the eyes to upcycled goods or donations to charity stores to give items a new home and raise money for good causes.


With the aid of social media we promote, suggest, encourage and share all things that will reduce the amount of litter seen across the land. Through encouraging folk to actually put stuff in the bin with our #findabin #foundabin campaign to sharing videos of what to do with old glasses, furniture, books, tyres etc, to advertising local litter clearing days in all over the uk. We invite everyone to get involved by sharing their tips, pics and more on our facbook page www.facebook.com/findabin and twitter feed www.twitter.com/findabin