We are currently working hard on spreading the word for for the #findabin #foundabin selfie programme, why not get together with friends, neighbours, work mates, clubs, teams and more to go take part and share your pics and selfies on our twitter or facebook pages.

This is how it works.

  1. Pick up a piece of litter in the street, country side, at school, work anywhere (not at home as that we feel would be cheating as we know you pickup at home;) )

  2. #findabin and put the item in it.

  3. Take a selfie of yourself doing it or ask a friend to take a picture on their phone

  4. Share the image with us at our facebook page or twitter page with #findabin #foundabin and a few details of where you are and what you found that you have now put in the bin.

We are working on posters to share in your offices, schools, clubs and more to encourage folk to #findabin and #putitin, so watch this space on where to get them. But please feel free to get out there and take part.